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Updated: 5/28/2015

Sad News.......
Gregg "Nigel" Benner was a retired PAVE LOW maintenance guy that became an police officer in Rio Rancho, NM upon his retirement. Although I didn't know him, many do and speak highly of him. He was shot and killed May 25, 2015 during a routine traffic stop.
A GoFundMe site has been established to help his family with expenses. Please help our PAVE LOW family out by donating.
I will update our Memorial page as soon as possible.

- All,
Unfortunately, I have not been keeping up with the site for a while now and even had to take the Pave Cave store down. My wife had two major spinal surgeries, which the doctor nicked a disc on the first one causing a spinal fluid leak, was almost paralyzed on the second one, and suffered a mild stroke (we think during the first one). Needless to say, this involved quite a lot of hospital stay, and left me no time to do anything else other than take care of my daughter.
She came home from the hospital last week and we're settling into a routine during her long road to recovery. She has taken a year of medical leave for the recovery.

Having said all that, with her home and the exercise that I plan/host being over, I'm getting my time back. I'm opening The Pave Cave store again and will be looking to add some new merchandise. I'm working on two new decals (more detailed side and head shots of the PAVE) and the 20th SOS coin keychain. I'll also be updating the site, and hopefully getting with Tom Hinson to help me improve a few things. I appreciate everyone's understanding and patience during this time. I still enjoy maintaining the site and really want to make it better for everyone and keep it more updated.

John Stricklin - PAVE LOW Gunner
29 May @ 1000
Creech AFB, NV

Steve Strawbridge - PAVE LOW Pilot #358
19 June at 1300
Landing Zone, Cannon AFB

- Two great articles regarding health issues
1. New research links Iraq dust to ill soldiers
2. Iraq Dust is Respirable, Sharp, And Metal Laden
3. Back Pain in Rotary Wing Community
4. Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC)

Pave Low Duck Call (Quack Blaster) - Made by Chris Roberson (FB page)
quackblaster quackblaster1

Available in Single Reed, Double Reed, or Wood Duck
Cocobolo barrel w/ clear acrylic insert, "QuckBlaster" logo, and MH-53 logo. Numbered 2 thru xx. Comes w/ black polish bag & clear acrylic stand.
Made to order for $100 shipped with a 30-45 day build time.
Send an email to with which reed (single, double or wood duck reed).
Paypal is prefered - Use email (

Todd Ackerman is now an affiliate with Karatbars International.
Click here to view his website.

PAVE LOW Tribute Video (Courtesy of Chris Curtis)
Donate to the PAVE CAVE website!
Donations will be used to cover web hosting services.
Click here to view our Financial Statement.

The Official PAVE LOW history book
"On A Steel Horse I Ride" written by Darrel Whitcomb can be downloaded by clicking here for the .pdf version.


Great Cause to Donate to:
The Air Commando Foundation is proudly raising funds in support of Gold Star Team Adventures (GSTA). GSTA provides adventure camps to the surviving youth of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty. These camps are designed to promote and enable healing, foster enduring relationships and develop character and leadership skills.
Your donation is tax deductible in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID: 59-3270780.

John Grove Memorial
- Click here to visit Bless the Children's website.
Reaching out to our PAVE LOW family. John Grove's legacy lives on and not just in the PAVE LOW world. John helped fund "Bless the Children", an international organization helping the poorest children of the world who are living under extreme conditions. He did this with his own retirement check! After his passing, several other caring PAVE guys stepped in to help out.
In short, we're looking for annual donations in order to provide a minimum of $2000 a month for this organization. With your help this is easily achievable. Some have already chipped in $100/month, but with your lump sum or recurring donation of ANY amount, we can help keep John's legacy alive by helping these children.

- Task Force Omega (Lt Rich Van De Geer)
- USAF National Museum Virtual Tour (h/t Kevin Wilson)
- The National Archives (Veterans Service Records)
- Insight & offer from Steve Kelly (PAVE Pilot): Diagnosed w/ cancer Oct '08 & beat it.
- Paul Treleven PAVE LOW Paintings (Click here)
- Unofficial Links
- Virtual tours of PAVE LOW 68-10357 at the USAF Museum
Click here for a virtual tour of the cockpit
Click here for a virtual tour of the cabin

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